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Indigo increases grower profitability. See how:

Indigo Australia Explainer Video


Indigo Wheat™ and Indigo Barley™ is designed to significantly enhance cereals yields in the Australian wheat belt by mitigating moisture and heat stress suffered by the crop.


How does this benefit you, the grower?

  • Improve yields
  • Increase profitability of your farm
  • Uplift Model: If it is proven that the microbial technology has produced unsatisfactory results in terms of yield increases the product fee may be reduced or ultimately waived

  • Upfront Model: A discounted price to the uplift model giving the grower access and benefits to the same microbial technology at a reduced rate


Indigo Technology is applied as a seed treatment to boost cereals productivity by improving water stress tolerance and nutrient uptake. Indigo Wheat™ and Indigo Barley™ has led to better emergence and vigour, enhanced root growth, and a greater number of grain-producing tillers per plant.

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