We work with you to produce a premium crop, then we pay you the best local price plus a premium.
We improve profitability for you by combining increased yield potential with premium pricing.

See How To Increase Cotton Profits

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Ready to Become a More Profitable Grower?
We just need to know a few things about your farm first:

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Ready to become a more profitable grower?

A Higher Price
  • Receive an ADDITIONAL $6-$10/acre premium from Indigo
  • Price up to 100% of APH prior to harvest...
  • ...or Receive a transparent settlement price and close out at your choosing through February, 2020
  • Retain control: sell to whomever, whenever you want
Higher Yields
  • Indigo® microbial technology is shown to increase yields by 14% on average*
  • Improved drought tolerance through Indigo's microbial technology designed to mitigate water stress
  • Comprehensive seed protection includes microbial, fungicide & insecticide seed treatment
  • Data-based agronomy services includes dedicated agronomist + Indigo InsightsTM


*Data represents average yield increase across field sites in 2017 commercial fields. 

Working Capital
  • 0% financing on seed
  • Deducted from final payment at harvest

See How To Increase Cotton Profits


Select seed variety, and indicate the number of acres to contract.


Receive seed treated with Indigo microbes, fungicide and insecticide cash free until harvest.


Receive season-long customized, data-based agronomy services at no cost.


Boost yields by an average of 14% with Indigo® microbial technology*


Receive $6-$10/acre premium ON TOP OF market rates.
Option to lock in your price in advance.

Who is Indigo?

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Indigo is a company dedicated to harnessing nature to help farmers sustainably feed the planet. With a vision of creating a world where farming is an economically desirable and accessible profession, Indigo works alongside its farmers to apply natural approaches, conserve resources for future generations, and grow healthy food for all.

Utilizing beneficial plant microbes to improve crop health and productivity, Indigo is the world leader in plant microbial treatments. The company is forming close relationships with the world’s major grain buyers providing a direct sales channel for farmers.

The company’s US commercial headquarters is in Memphis, TN with global operations in Boston, MA, and additional offices in Research Triangle Park, NC; Sydney, Australia; Buenos Aires, Argentina; and Sao Paulo, Brazil.