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How Does it Work?

When you enroll in an AgResource + Indigo Ag managed pricing program you are participating in a cash contract.  AgResource will decide the timing of your sale and you must complete delivery through Indigo Marketplace. Deliver yourself or use Indigo Transport, whichever is more convenient for your operation. 

You will receive payment from Indigo after delivery. 


  • Managed Pricing Programs aren’t tied to a specific delivery location. You can shop for the best basis when it's time to deliver. AgResource will track prices and sell for you--without any work from you. 
  • Indigo protects your payment by purchasing credit insurance on Marketplace Transactions. 
  • No margin calls--no need to worry if the market dips.
  • There's no cost to have a Marketplace account. A fee applies when you enroll in a Managed Pricing Program. See below for programs and fees. 

Programs Available

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Program Name Futures Reference Month Enrollment Period Pricing Window Fee per Bushel
AgResource 2020 Soybeans SX20 Nov 01-July 01, 2020 July 02-Oct 20, 2020 $0.07
AgResource 2020 Corn CZ20 Nov 01-July 01, 2020 July 02-Oct 20, 2020 $0.05
AgResource 2020 Wheat WN20 Nov 01-July 01, 2020 July 02-Jun 20, 2020 $0.06
AgResource 2021 Stored Corn CH21 Feb 21-July 01, 2020 July 02, 2020-Feb 23, 2021 $0.06
AgResource 2021 Harvest Corn CZ21 Feb 21-July 01, 2020 July 02, 2020-Nov 24, 2021 $0.06




Managed Pricing Programs from AgResource


Proven Track Record

For the past 20 years AgMas and Farm Journal have tracked the performance of US agricultural advisory services and AgResource has ranked first for marketing corn and soybeans. Our clients made an extra $0.29 on average per bushel on corn as compared to other advisors, and $0.49 per bushel more on soybeans.


Custom Research

Everything we do is backed by our own research and by partnerships with top experts from around the world, including our offices in Geneva and Brazil. Unlike many news or advisory services, we’re not brokers or traders.


Advisory Services

We provide the research and analysis you need to make decisions to increase profitability. We operate at the intersection of economics and agriculture, telling you what you need to know and how to react, with insights from over 150 years combined experience across our team of analysts.


Easy Enrollment

Complete the form here, decide how many bushels would you like to enroll in the program and let us help you increase your bottom line!

Within 24 hours Indigo will send you 2 emails: one with your MPP contract, that you can sign online and the other with your Marketplace invitation. After that your enrollment is complete!